Tuesday, December 12, 2006

Let the Show Begin!!!

Seeing is believing!! The Polar Express movie is the inspiration for this holiday train layout.

The tree at the North Pole. Circling the tree is the alpine ski run where Santa and some of the town folk are enjoying some well-earned time off. Note the compass points South in all directions!

The tree and ski slope at night.

Santa's getting some helpful hints on what this young boy would like for Christmas.

The elves are hard at work spinning the wheels of the handcart as they head back to the elf village.

The exhausted elves have returned with the handcart as others are helping themselves to freshly baked cookies. It looks like there's a hockey player on the pond again.

This picture was taken on December 9th, just before midnight. The elf is waiting for the number to change to "15"!

This is a shot of the Elf Toymaking School. There's the Polar Express train passing by just behind it.

Another shot of the Polar Express as it approaches the village.

The Polar Express has arrived at the village and is picking up a lucky passenger.

All passengers have boarded and the train is on its way to the North Pole.

As the Polar Express pulls out of the village station, the Tinsel Town freight train can be seen in the distance pulling a load of Christmas trees and other goods to the village operations yard.

This is a view looking away from the village along the trolley line to the train station depot.

This is one of two baggage station attendants who have been working around the clock for days and never complain about the amount of packages they have been handling.

In the operations yard, these gifts are about ready to be unloaded by one of the many volunteers who stop by to give a helping hand.

Seasonal box cars are lined up at the yard after they've been unloaded.

The lumber mill has been converted to a different use - to load the candy sticks onto a waiting flat car. On the adjacent track, barrels of peppermint powder are about to be unloaded.

A view of the operations yard as the Tinsel Express freight passes by.

A closer look at the peppermint powder barrels as they are about to be unloaded.

Another load of candy sticks is ready to be on its way.

The ice station attendant is busy shoveling blocks of ice into the ice car.

A batch of candy cane sticks is waiting for its turn to be unloaded.

Tuesday, November 21, 2006

Santa's in the Air !!!

Sunday, November 12, 2006

More Additions

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One of the special holiday locomotive and tender units have arrived and are on their way to pick up a load of freight cars from the village train yard.

It looks like some of the kids have no school today so they have decided to play in the snow.

Others have stayed closer to the village and decided to skate on the frozen pond.

Lots of peppermint is needed for all of the treats to be made in the candy factory.

The townspeople recently thought it was necessary for the village to have its very own fire station.

A new road also had to be built to make it easier for the fire engine to get to the village in an emergency.

Saturday, November 04, 2006

The Village Takes Shape

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Mr. Nutcracker has proven to be a most dedicated worker. He keeps guard over the presents under the tree and has pledged to always greet the train as it comes by.

Just as in every village, the townspeople here find ways to enjoy themselves on the nearby ski slopes.

Occasionally, even celebrities make time for enjoyment after a hard days' work!

Of course, how could any town survive if it couldn't keep the women in the village happy?

Safety is always an important concern for many of the workers in Toyland.

All staff for the biggest employer in the village are given the best training possible!

A few carolers are practicing their singing while waiting for others to show up.

Big brother came to meet his younger sister at school so they can both walk the dog together.

The Christmas trees were just cut and are on the way to the village.

One of Santa's helpers called in sick today, so he decided to come down to the yard to help unload the eggnog cans in preparation for the holiday party.

The village trolley brings shoppers and friends to the village from the railroad station.